Ecco alcune schede di atleti di alto livello/professionisti, in attività.

Fiona Oakes (ex ciclista, podista) intervista esclusiva
Dorina Vaccaroni (ciclismo, scherma)
Christine Vardaros (ciclocross, MTB)
intervista esclusiva
Adam Myerson (ciclismo)
Jason Sager (MTB, ciclismo)
Scott Jurek (ultramarathon)
Brendan Brazier (triathlon, ultramarathon)
Alexander Dargatz (body building)

Kenneth G. Williams (body building)
Katie Coryell (Pro Surfer)
Tonya Kay (Dancer)
vegan cyclists Ciclismo su pista. Il blog di Dave Noisy, un forte sprinter!

Keith Holmes (Pugile)

Elenco completo, tutto in inglese, grazie a

Questa è una lista di atleti vegan e vegetariani. Li abbiamo suddivisi tra quelli cui si hanno più o meno chiare informazioni, su internet. Contribuisci pure ad comunicarci l'esistenza di altri atleti, (possibilmente anche un loro link) e verranno aggiunti alla lista.

1.1 Atleti vegan, sport di forza con chiare informazioni su internet
Atleti vegan, sport diresistenza con chiare informazioni su internet
1.3 Vegan professionisti in sport tecnici che non rientrano esclusivamente nella categoria forza o resistenza,
con chiare informazioni su internet
1.4 Classe èlite di atleti vegetariani con decenti prove su internet
Classe èlite di atleti vegetariani senza chiare informazioni su internet

Atleti vegan, sport di forza con chiare informazioni su internet
1. Pat Reeves-World Class Powerlifter AND Marathon Runner
2. Carl Lewis-Famosissimo atleta su pista.
Mr. Lewis era vegan puramente per motivi salutari. Non si hanno notizie se lo sia ancora. (Video dove fa questa affermazione.)
3. Jonny Gibbings-Bodybuilder in attività ed allenatore. (MuscleMilitia su
4. Kenneth Williams-Bodybuilder amatore in attività competitiva.
5. Mike Mahler- Personal Trainer
6. Weia Reinboud- Fa salto in alto a livelli mondiali.
“Anarchist, eating vegan and organic, lesbian, free-jazz tenor sax player, (see Muziek to hear some of her work), feminist, abstract painter, dragonfly specialist, world record holder and so on!” (Also registered here at veganfitness I think.)
7. Robert Cheeke-Competitive amateur bodybuilder
8. Martin Whittred- World Class Gripper.
9. Robby Hazeley-Competitive amateur bodybuilder
10. Stephen Arlin
"foremost authority in the world on the subject of
raw-food body-building, weight-lifting, and fitness."
Also says he can bench 300 pounds for 20 reps. I'm skeptical of that.
11. Jane Black- World Class Olympic Style Lifter

Atleti vegan, sport diresistenza con chiare informazioni su internet
1. Dr. Ruth Heidrich- World Class Ironwoman
2. Scott Jurek- World Class Ultra Marathoner
3. Brendan Brazier- Professional Ironman (Diet) (Career Race Results)
4. Fiona Oakes- Marathon runner
Registered here at veganfitness as Marathongirl.
5. Christine Vardaros- Pro Cyclist,-pro-cyclist.html
6. Adam Myerson- Professional Cyclist,-pro-cyclist.html
7. Jason Sager- Pro Mountain Biker

Vegan professionisti in sport tecnici, con chiare informazioni su internet
1. Erle Montaigue-world famous martial artists
Might eat honey.
2. Greg Chappel- Professional Cricket Player
3. Peter Brock- Race Car Driver
4. Harri Nieminen- thai boxing world champion
(Everything else out there is not in English.)
5. Keith Holmes- World Middleweight Title Holder in Professional Boxing from 1996 to 1998 (Not quite 100% sure he is vegan as opposed to vegetarian.)
”He hopes to one day bring his family to Dimona so they, too, can share in the peaceful, vegan lifestyle Ben-Ammi has created in what he and his 2,000-odd followers call "The Kingdom."
"Twenty-two of my opponents have not lasted in the ring," he says. "The vegetarian diet helps."
6.Katie Coryell- Pro Surfer,-pro-surfer-2.html
7. Tonya Kay- Pro Dancer,-dancer.html

Classe èlite di atleti vegetariani con decenti prove su internet
1. Roy Hilligen- World Class Bodybuilder and Olympic Weightlifter
Vegan or Vegetarian?
2. Bill Pearl- World Class Professional Bodybuilder
3. Albert Beckles- World Class Professional Bodybuiler
4. Ian Duckett- International Bodybuilder
5. Martina Navratilova- Professional Tennis Player
6. Holle brothers, Craig, Gavin, Jay, Kayne and Nathan- World Class Grip Strength
Nathan is one of five men in the world to have closed the #4 Captain of Crush gripper while his four brothers have closed the #3.
Scattered pictures of the brothers here.
Vegetarian status is on page four of this thread. (Email confirmation with admin JP.)
7. Amby Burfoot- Winner of 1968 Boston Marathon
”Burfoot, the psychology student, the elementary school teacher, the
reader who devours books and the vegetarian who avoids meat completely "for ethical, not running, reasons."
8. Peter Burwash- Professional Tennis Player with 19 singles and doubles titles.
9. Dave Scott Ultra Marathoner (Not a vegetarian anymore)

Classe èlite di atleti vegan o vegetariani senza chiare informazioni su internet
1. Andreas Cahling? Professional Bodybuilder
Is this good enough proof for Cahling? I say no, because they also list Hank Aaron and Larry Bird. But I have also heard Cahling called vegetarian over and over again by people. Just not good online stuff.
2. Jim Morris- world class bodybuilder - won the Grand masters Mr Olympia title while vegan, but there is some doubt as to whether he's still vegan (it appears it was for health, not ethical reasons to help overcome joint problems).
(I can’t find a link confirming this.)
3. Craig Heath?- Professional figure skater
(Don’t have specific link that he’s vegan but haven’t looked very hard.)
4. Charlene Wong Williams?- Professional figure skater
(Vegetarian, vegan?)
5. Ben Mathews?- Marathon runner
(Can’t find anything at all on the internet.)
6. Kim Wurzel- Synchronised swimmer
(Can’t find link indicating veganism.)
7. Dana Rosenblatt- World Class Professional Boxer
No internet links indicate it, but during Rosenblatt’s first 20 or so fights, all of which he won and many of which were televised in the US, he was definitely a vegetarian. He started eating meat when he fought Vinny Pazienza and coincidentally that was his first loss although he looked more defined for that fight.
8. Tiffany Croker??
9. Brian Rowley??
10. Chris Campbell Olympic Wrestler

And here are a few other veggie athlete lists which may or may not be accurate.

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