Christine "Peanut" Vardaros
(Mill Valley, CA 94941)
(team Velo Bella)


Cyclo-Cross, Road, Mountain Bike Racing
Cyclist since:
Vegan since:
1997, since 1990 I was vegetarian
 Highlights year 2005, cyclo-cross:

Highland Park UCI Cat. 1 -1st
Wissihickon UCI Cat. 2 -3rd
Wooden Wheels UCI Cat. 1 -5th
US GP Gloucester UCI Cat. 2 -4th

Why did you start cycling?

I started cycling to get out of New York city on the weekends.  Previous to cycling, I was a Fencer for 8 years.  Cycling gives me freedom in a way that no
other sport can match.

Why did you go vegan?
I originally became vegetarian 16 years ago on a whim; my friend asked me if i wanted to become a vegetarian with her, telling me "If everyone were vegetarian, we could feed the world 4-times over." Since then, my reasons for becoming vegetarian and converting to a full plant-based diet have changed.  I think that a plant-based diet gives a definite advantage to athletes over their competition; I recover quickly, rarely get sick, and have lots of energy. I also feel good knowing that i am not contributing to the routine torturing of animals..

Which is the best thing in doing sports?
Through cycling, I have learned a lot about myself - good and bad.  I get to visit fabulous places, such as Belgium and Italy and met extraordinary people along the way.  And the exercise-high is unrivaled; I have found no other activity that can give me a better rush than sport..

The worst one?
It's hard work at times.  Every once in a while, especially when i am injured, I question why I am doing this.  Even when factoring in injuries, bad luck, and self-inflicted pain, I would choose no other job.

Which is your best competition and why?
The US National Cyclo-Cross Championships is always fun, because it is an opportunity to eearn the Stars-and-Stripes jersey so that I can have the honor of representing the USA internationally.

Which is the best thing in being vegan?
It is a convenient, healthful way to eat.  It also does wonders for my cycling.  I am doing my part in making the world a better place.

The worst one?
When traveling, it can be challenging to find food without dairy or eggs.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Oatmeal with ground flax seed, organic apple, banana and sea salt.  Or if I am in a rush or can't eat a real meal, I will opt for a ProBar ( a raw vegan energy bar, perfectly formulated for my vegan athletic diet.

How do you load before an hard training or a race?
Carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

Do you have a favourite recipe?
Broccoli Rabe with Orchiette pasta in a garlic olive oil sauce.
Cook pasta - when it has two minutes left to cook, throw in the broccoli rabe, then strain.  In a frying pan, saute minced garlic in olive oil. Mix with pasta/broccoli. Salt and pepper to taste.

Do you want to add anything else?
I am a spokesperson for IDA (In Defense of Animals - or, an international organization that protects the rights of all animals from dogs to giraffes.  I am also a Pro Activist for Organic Athlete (, that promotes plant-based living through athletics.

What induced you to join this Club?
I believe in what you are promoting.  As information regarding vegan athletes becomes more readily available, people will realize that a plant-based diet is the preferred protocol for those wanting to increase their quality of life or perform to the best of their ability.

Thank You Christine!
You are welcome!

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Best results:
2005 - Highland Park UCI Cat. 1 -1st place
2005 - Wissihickon UCI Cat. 2 -3rd place
2005 - Wooden Wheels UCI Cat. 1 -5th
2005 - US GP Gloucester UCI Cat. 2 -4th place
2004 - US National Cyclo-Cross Championships-6th
2004 - Super Cross Cup UCI Cat. 1 - 1st place
2004 - Waterford Hills MI Cyclo-Cross Cat. 2 -1st
2004 - Nature Valley Grand Prix Criterium NRC -10th
2002-03 - Member of US national cyclo-cross Team